Arrow Safety Canada

  • Arrow Safety Canada is a company created to help provide a safe and secure environment for professionals in all industries. Our company was founded to utilize our expertise in procurement and distribution to help professionals across Canada access vital personal protective equipment. We offer an extensive variety of disposable face masks, face shields, disposable and reusable isolation gowns, as well as accessories including surgeon’s caps, disposable shoe covers, and hand sanitizer. Our products are purchased from credible suppliers and are put through our own quality standard tests before being shipped. Through the use of our products, we hope to assist in keeping our community safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. All of our products are available to be shipped the same day.
    Business Owner Name Azim Kanji
    Address: 15923-116AVE NW
    City: Edmonton
    State: Alberta (AB)
    Zip Code: T5M 3W1
    Phone: 1-833-448-9380
    Fax: 1-833-452-4289
    Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5
    Service: Provides safety equipment
    Map 53.56638