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  • GracePoint (TM) Matrix, LLC was co-created by Karen Parker and Michelle Vandepas. Their combined 60 years of experience in entrepreneurship, publishing, and marketing helps authors and visionary leaders to promote their work. Karen and Michelle and the book coaching team have been offering book coaching and author coaching for over a decade and have helped authors write, publishing and promote their books. This is a great time to write but it’s not easy to get the support that will help you get published. Our coaching program is designed to help you get from idea to manuscript in six months.

    Business Owner Name: Karen Parker & Michelle Vandepas
    Business Moto: Collaborative, Partnership Publishing
    Address: 322 North Tejon Street
    City: Colorado Springs
    State: Colorado (CO)
    Zip Code: 80903

    Phone: 719-527-1404

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    Service Area: United States;
    Service: Publishing;
    Map: 38.83907