Why my Epson printer saying error 000043

  • One of the highly-demanded Epson printers sometimes faces Epson printer error 000043. This printer error is the result of accumulated dust particles on the print head or scanner. The Epson printer users will encounter this error while switching on their printers. If there is a dispute in the scanner component and the system, the Epson printer 000043 error will display, and your printing work will be hampered. You can fix this error easily by cleaning the print head and restarting your system. Cleaning the print head will remove any dust and ensure that your Epson printer is printing clearly. You can also try the trick of rebooting your system. Switch off your system and Epson printer and wait for some time. After 1-2 minutes, restart your system and connect your Epson printer with the power cable. Now, check if the issue resolves.