Why is your HP printer unable to print black?

  • HP printer is in high demand ever since its launch. The HP printer not printing black is a common issue faced by many HP printer users. This HP printer problem could be due to the entry of air in the nozzle head of the ink cartridge printing black. To fix the issue, ensure that you check the ink levels of the black ink. If you find that the HP printer ink level is running low, replace the black HP cartridge immediately. If you keep waiting for the cartridge to empty, air might enter the nozzle and hamper your cartridge. Also, HP printer users need to ensure that they are using genuine HP printer cartridge purchased from the HP store. Any duplicate or local cartridges will not work correctly with your printer, and your HP printer might not be able to print the black ink. If you already have a genuine HP Printer black cartridge and looking for the installation process, you can get in touch with our HP printer experts.

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