Elegance with a personal touch

  • A MEMORABLE wedding is all about kinship and style.

    When it comes to the latter, deciding on a bridal gown is at the top of a bride’s checklist.

    For strikingly elegant silhouettes, Mimpikita has come up with breath taking garment designs perfect for your big day.

    Noted as the label’s first runway collection for bridal wear, the Mimpikita Bridal 2017 features a lineup of 15 dresses of soft and relaxed variations matched with vibrant embellished detailing that are certainly dreamy.

    In fact, the showcase had many of us gasping with excitement when it debuted at The Wedding KL 2017 last month.

    Mimpikita managing and creative director Nurul Zulkifli shared that the fundamental goal of the brand has always been about producing clothing designs that are distinctive to an individual.

    “Our designs reflect the fashion preferences of my two sisters and I. Suffice to say that you can definitely find a little touch of our personalities (laid-back, glamorous, sweet and demure) throughout this new bridal wear line.

    “In addition, the collection draws inspiration from our experience working with previous brides. Their personality traits are incorporated into the pieces as well. I wanted to portray that there is a dress for every bride.”


    Indeed, each dress design has a distinctive appeal but one element persists — easy flow.

    We all know this is a very important criterion in modern times, where strolling down the aisle in poufy garbs or gaudy over-the-top trains is a definite no-no.

    “One of my pet peeves is when a bride looks stiff in her dress. That is why using the right fabric is very important. Chiffon is a mainstay for us but we do (cautiously) play with other materials that allow for better construction as well,” said Nurul.

    The structural effects are portrayed through layers of brilliant embellishments (in both soft and vibrant hues), and intricate lace patchworks that act to compliment and not overshadow the dress cuts.

    Songket is incorporated so those with more conservative tastes will find the pieces interesting.

    When asked how Malaysian brides fare in terms of style, Nurul said many are fashion-conscious but may not have the courage to experiment.

    “Usually, most of our clients do not mind being a little adventurous with dress designs but opinions from close relatives always get in the way. This is also one reason why the Mimpikita Bridal 2017 collection has quite a versatile range of designs.”


    Another great thing about the collection is that each piece can be turned into eveningwear — making them more than a one-day outfit.

    “We play with other colours as well — not just white — because I personally feel that it’s about time for brides to go against the norm,” said Nurul, pointing to the geometric hand embroidery.

    Ideally, she continued, the persona of a Mimpikita bride is a woman who is stylishly confident and values the combination of classic and contemporary elements.

    “Although this marks Mimpikita’s ninth year in the business, coming up with this bridal collection is both challenging and nerve-wracking,” shared Nurul.

    The designer, who was in her second trimester during the interview, said that having to cope with the collection and her pregnancy “is definitely not easy”.

    “There were a lot of tears. I am thankful that my team and I managed to pull through. it all.

    There is good response to the collection and a lot of orders are coming in. We are now busy preparing for our upcoming Raya collection which will also be equally exciting,” she added.Read more at:orange formal dresses | pink cocktail dresses

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