Prom 2017 Fashion Trends

  • Corsages, limos, tuxes, and fancy dresses… there are so many things that make prom special.

    Whether it’s full of lace or jewels, a girl’s prom dress is something she’ll never forget.

    It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been asked yet, the sooner you look for a dress, the better.

    “My tip for everybody is to start early, start looking that way you get an idea of what’s out there,” said Stefani Carmany, the store manager of Leeanne’s Bridal in Fargo.

    This year’s prom season does not fall short of dress options.

    One popular style this year is the two-piece dress.

    “This one here is what we would call a mermaid fit with the Taft at the bottom so it’s a little more fitted; it’s really going to show off the curves nicely with a little flare here,” said Carmany when describing the dresses. “Here’s a two piece it’s kind of more of a jersey fabric so it falls a little bit flatter than flaring out at the bottom and it’s stretchy so it hugs the curves but it’s a little more comfortable and easier to move around in for those girls who like to be comfortable but also be stylish. Here, this is what you would call an A–line, it flatters every figure.”

    As for guys, Carmany said you can’t go wrong with suspenders and a bow tie or a classic tux.

    “Obviously, for prom a very popular look is going to be going with the vest and tie combo that matches the prom dates dress,” Carmany said.

    Carmany said when searching for the perfect thing to wear to keep an open mind,”Go out, be open to trying on different things because sometimes what you think you might like isn’t what you really like, and everything looks different on a body.”

    With these tips, you’ll be sure to shine on your big night.Read more at:navy blue formal dress | white formal dresses