Harden single season 6 times scored 40 + three pairs, beyond th

  • The Rockets are 112-128 away from FH3 CR  the Pelicans today, Rockets star James Harden played 40 minutes, 41 points and 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

    This is Harden's sixth time this season cut the score of 40 + three double, beyond the big O (Oscar - Robertson) and Russell - Westbrook.

    Big O in the 1964 season had cut five 40 + three pairs, Westbrook this season there are 5 times.

    Harden is the former against the Knicks (53 points plus three pairs), the Raptors (40 points plus three pairs), the Hornets (40 points plus three pairs), the Heat (40 points plus three pairs) and 76 people (51 points Plus three pairs) get this data.

    This season so far, Harden played 69 games, get 29.1 points 8.1 rebounds 11.2 assists and 1.5 steals.