Ginobili: Taking into account the next race, the first fight wi

  • According to "San Antonio Express" reported MyNBA2K17 RP  that after losing to the Trail Blazers yesterday, the Spurs and Warriors difference between the difference was pulled to a field, although the Spurs have played against the Warriors advantage, but they know, taking into account their next Schedule, they are hard to go and warriors compete for the first position.

    "Next, you will encounter some hard-working team, some do not bear how much pressure to play very free team, so at this moment, everything is very complicated." Manu - Ginobili said The

    The next 15 games, the Spurs will face the playoff team nine times, the Grizzlies three times, Knight once, the Warriors once, Thunder once, Jazz twice, Clippers once. 3 times the face of the playoffs are the team: the Mavericks, Timberwolves and pioneers.

    Ginobili in the mouth of the "no bear how much pressure to play a very free team" refers to the king, the Knicks and the Lakers play the third playoff team.

    "We can not let go, in this league, no team will let you easily win, you have to make every effort to win every game." Ginobili said.