Palinka: want to create an excellent platform for the players t

  • According to the Los Angeles Times reporter  MyNBA2K17 RP  Tania Ganguli reported that the new general manager of the Lakers Luo - Pelinka Yesterday the Lakers against the 76 people met with the team met and made a speech.

    This is Palin card in the March 1 officially appointed as the Lakers 13th general manager for the first time with the entire team face to face meeting.

    "Elvin (Magic Johnson), Luke and I have seen the team's main purpose, not just the team's high-level leadership, but also our services," Palin said, "We want to make sure that we The team in the locker room for the players to create an excellent platform that is the center of the team ah. I think this is the message to the players we want to meet your needs, to help you become a good player. "

    Palinka also revealed to the players that he and Johnson are willing to go and every Lakers players to meet alone to better understand the situation of the team.