Harden: Give me the performance of the offensive attack B-

  • Rockets face the knight today, before the Madden Mobile Coins rocket star James - Harden accepted the media interview, he talked about his point guard as the offensive end to participate in the performance of his teammates.

    "I'll give myself a B, B-, I still have to know where my teammates like to play the ball in this area become more self-employed, our big men are very hard, especially on the defensive end, they need to get Return, I want to combine this with the organization and his score, I still feel comfortable in this area, can not pass some dangerous pass, as long as I became more comfortable in this respect, my teammates are Doing it very well and have been hitting the shot, "Harden said.

    Harden became the Rockets 'point guard this season, and he thought the Rockets' coaching staff had done a great job.

    "I think the coaches are doing a great job to help us change the kind of team culture last season," Harden said. "Our new players, and the players we had before, And the summer together to play well, we have a very good atmosphere now.

    Hadden went on to say: "We may have to lose a few games, but we know we want to work hard, we have to figure out where to correct, that is, playing more hard work, we have been doing this season, which makes up for everything. "

    Harden has played 66 games this season, averaging 36.4 minutes, 28.9 points, 7.9 rebounds and 11.2 assists and 1.5 steals.