Trinity is parting with Panathinaikos

  • According to European basketball reporter David Pick reports, sources said Alessandro - true thieves will leave the Greek giants Panathinaikos.

    In December last year, true thiele from Milan, Italy to the transition to the Greek Panathinaikos, true Tilai left Panathin Nacos will not be able to sign Milan or other Serie A team.

    True thieves will leave tomorrow tomorrow or the Greek capital of Athens, it is unclear whether he will continue to play for the other teams this season.

    True Tyler was born in November 12, 1992, height 2.01 meters, the Secretary of small forward and shooting guard, true thile is the 2014 show of 53, the Rockets have their NBA team's right to sign, in the real Tile join Pa Naxinakos had news that he would go to the NBA to play.

    This season in Panathinaikos, true thiele played during the league averaged 15.2 minutes, you can get 5.8 points and 1.6 assists and 2.5 rebounds.

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