Eric - Gordon on the third record replacement record: because t

  • According to "Houston Chronicle" reported that Eric - Gordon in Sunday's game into the 6-in-three, which makes him the third of the season hit a total of 180, breaking by the Mirza - Thai Leitovic created a one-season three-pointers record last season.

    Gordon is currently ranked third in the third in the list, second only to James Harden and Stephen - Curry.

    "It's great," Gordon said, "it all depends on having excellent coaches and teammates, and they always see you in vacancy. You only need to take full advantage of the opportunity, the season so far, my status is good, hit They put you in a successful position, throw some of the ball, throw the ball feeling is always very good.

    This season so far, Gordon played 30.4 minutes per game, can get 17 points and 2.6 rebounds and 2.6 assists.

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