Echo: everton to sunderland goalkeeper pickford

  • Everton, according to the Liverpool echo newspaper intends to introduce the sunderland young goalkeeper this summer Jordan pickford, at the same time also to leicester city gate will little Peter schmeichel kept interest, everton last summer had considered in the price of 17 million pounds to introduce Danish goalkeeper.


    Everton boss Ronald koeman since taking office last summer for the team to sign the Dutch goalkeeper, maarten stekelenburg, but state recovery Spain goalkeeper huo el won the 1st team goalkeeper position. Everton had originally planned to introduce a goalkeeper in January, but Mr El's excellent form for everton chose to wait.


    But now coach Ronald koeman and team's technical director Walsh search best goalkeeper in the market again, 22, sunderland goalkeeper pickford entered the everton. Pickford became black cat starting goalkeeper this season, and was capped for England the in October, the sunderland manager David moyes believes pickford future can become England 1 goalkeeper.


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