Radmanovic 33 points rate team details to reverse

  • The NBA regular season for all-star weekend after the first day, the Orlando magic at home against the blazers, ultimately relies on the 15 points, vladimir radmanovic small Portland reversal, 112-103 win over the magic, ended his three-game skid.

    The match, vladimir radmanovic scored 33 points and five rebounds, McCollum 22 points 6 assists, nur, 12 points and 12 rebounds and five assists, huck les 12 points and 6 rebounds, napier 10 points and 7 rebounds 6 assists. Magic, wu has 25 points and nine rebounds, forney 20 points, 5 rebounds, terrence Ross 13 points 5 rebounds, Ben, 10 points.

    Single section score (magic before) : 25-23, 30-23, 30-31, 18-35

    Game in the beginning, wu has cut in the basket with penalty shot cut 7 points, nur base has scored four points and assists carat than layup, huck les dunk, after the trail blazers take, two teams after a stalemate, McCollum stroke score, rich, and the two free throws one, magic 25-23 leading end of the first quarter.

    Second quarter, the sea, and jens lehmann bidding three points, three free throws and Ross MAO into three points, a wave of magic 12-3 lead to 11 points. After feng lai and McCollum cast with penalty, help the blazers to getting the three points. Wu cut hook Gordon dunk, three points and then into the sea with the state of Virginia, magic 55-46 lead into halftime.

    In the third quarter, the two sides continue to open play, also always remain at around 10 points. Midway through the third quarter, McCollum and napier's breakthrough, after Mr Rudd into 2 + 1, the blazers an 11-2 run to an outside line - 0 to 3 points. Augustine after MAO into three points, three home-country crowd, the magic 85-77 lead leading the Portland trail blazers.

    Late game, vladimir radmanovic and napier MAO into three points, Ross also response to the shooting. After vladimir radmanovic even into three points and layup, a wave of 16-4 six points ahead with the blazers, wu cut's layup after close to 2 points, huck rice three McCollum dunk, Portland trail blazers 112-112 win. Radmanovic details 15 points.

    Magic: wu has cut, forney, aron - Gordon, terence - Ross, peyton

    Portland starters: McCollum, nur, radmanovic, feng lai, huck les

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