6 Tips For Great Writing Poetry

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    Poetry is a creative way of expressing your thoughts and ideas. It is quite liberating and an artistic form of expression. A poet has the liberty to express themselves in the best way that they see fit. However, they still have to communicate with the reader. Here are some top tips on how you can express yourself through creative writing while still being able to express yourself to the reader.


    1. Read great poems


    To be a great writer, you must be a great reader. Therefore, if you want to write good poetry, you have to read lots of poems. Read as many poems as you can. You can read them online, in magazines or even books.


    2. Listen to great poetry


    For instance, you can subscribe to podcasts online that deal with poems. It will provide you with plenty of opportunities to listen to them regularly.


    3. Write regularly


    Writing poetry requires exceptional discipline. Train yourself to write often. Do not wait to write only when inspiration strikes you. You will do much better if you train yourself to write whether you are feeling inspired or not.


    For instance, you can designate specific times of the day when you can sit down and write poems. You can also select a notebook where you can write your poetry. Always keep this notebook with you so that whenever inspiration strikes, you will be able to write down your thoughts.


    4. Get training


    Get trained to write good poems. You can register for workshops that are taking place online or wherever you leave. It will expose you to tips on how you can get better. You will also be inspired by more experienced writers and learn how you can get better.


    5. Join forums


    Hang out with other poets. You can do this by joining poetry forums, whether online or offline. Share with other poets about the craft of writing poetry.


    6. Persevere


    Not all your writing is going to be great. You have to accept this fact right from the start. You might get faced with constant rejection time after time. It is something that most people who are engaged in creative writing have to undergo.


    However, with perseverance and commitment, you will finally get your breakthrough. It might take a couple of weeks or months or even years. But do not get put off by that. Keep writing and stay committed to your cause, and you are likely to attain your goals.

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    Amanda Black I have recently started writing poetry and because of this, I am reading tips online on how to write poetry. I am glad I have found your post in which you have shared 6 tips for great writing poetry. It helps me a lot in writing poetry. And while searchin...  more
    March 18