her staff, but they’ll start fresh

  • Every president has faced an alternative set of challenges with regards to transitioning to another location administration. But President Obama faces an altogether unique one: identifying what happens to all or any his tweets, Instagram posts, as well as other social media accounts. After all, once he’s no more POTUS, he can don't be Warmane Gold

    Today the White House presented its policy for turning over the Obama administration’s myriad social networking accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus much more. Accounts like @POTUS on Twitter plus the White House’s Facebook page will belong to another location president and the or

    That means all of the photos of Bo and Sunny chilling within the White House lawn are going to be scrubbed for making room for another First Dog. But simply because tweets and posts are technically a point of public record, they’ll be stored from the National Archives and Records Administration alongside, you already know, the Declaration of Independence along with the Bill of Rights.

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