Legion is an expansion for World of Warcraft’s long-term fans

  • The longer I be in WoW Legion the harder I become convinced of how dangerous it can be for a former addict like myself.

    This is the closest the experience has come towards the heady times of Vanilla WoW along with the best expansion since Cataclysm. It’s brilliant, annoyingly so; because I know if I allow it I could lose myself in the action all over again, that is certainly something I cannot afford to do.

    Legion is an expansion for World of Warcraft’s long-term fans, lapsed fans and then for newcomers. While changes like artifacts may appear weird initially they do simplify the entire process of gear management, and micro-managing your hero hall is merely another inside a long list of approaches to lose yourself in Blizzard’s newly redesigned Azeroth.

    The work here exemplifies why World of Warcraft may be the MMO to conquer for way too long, and why they have yet to be bettered. There in fact is none a lot better than Blizzard.

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