From this point onwards there aren't any new weapons to get fro

  • instead you will get items that provide “experience” to your weapon, and relics that unlock new traits.

    While you complete Legion’s storyline quests you’ll unlock different colour and pattern customisation options to your weapon too, so there’s an abundance of tweaking accessible to ensure that not every person will be carrying exactly the same thing, although preferred raid speccing is likely to result in many identical builds where PvE is anxious.

    Artifacts are curious things, though,: you’re in a position to pursue a 2nd one at level 102, however they are essentially locked right into a single spec for levelling soon you can acquire more. It’s a hazard of scaling back a burgeoning weapon system the place that the designers were probably starting to run out of ideas for new, more ludicrous looking death-dealers,

    even though the second artifact idea is really a decent concession, the fact many players won’t realise meaning some is going to be stuck in the spec they’re not thinking about until the penny drops.

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