NFL - I do not make use of the MUT stuff

  • 5 tickets to experiment with one draft? And its single and done when you lose, therefore you allegation to bullwork through solos in order to get abundant Madden NFL Mobile Coins to try out again. Ridiculous.

    Oh but should you are able a bold it lags and bliss you together with accord you an L. And once you do win, you do not even get tickets to experiment with again? Just basically 5000 madden coins aback you allegation to absorb 15000 to experiment with again.

    Madden is traveling to get rid of a lot of loyal admirers over this if something doesn't change.

    Was so jacked with this to appear out but this bits is authoritative me would like to acknowledgment it. Fuck EA as well as their pay to learn bullshit.

    Yeah, here is the bigger disappointment with a mile along with a bisected in my opinion. I don't use the MUT accepting since the solos are mind-numbingly arid and either that or abandoned your wallet to in general compete.

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