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    West bank playbook may be the complete perfect for 2 or added humans from the aback field.

    And I've been arena on Authorization having a Qb along with a drillmaster for a decade and their even if it's just sniffing the Hall Of Fame. Just for some bend here's regarding career stats.

    QB- SuperBowl Champion, 50,000+ yards passing, 300+ casual td's, assorted MVPs, 7-8 Pro Bowls, Assorted Best Qb awards.

    Coach- 4 Superbowls, 130+ wins, Assorted Drillmaster of year awards. Despite this are both beneath 2,000 legacy.

    Does anyone apperceive ways to addition their bequest points? I just don't accept why this accomplishments that inside the complete NFL would beggarly aboriginal election Hall of Fame in Madden 18 aren't anything.

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