How to Prepare for 'Open First Box'

  • Moving is a hectic task undoubtedly and for this you may require professional assistance especially when you are moving for the first time. No matter whether you have chosen DIY move or hire packers and movers Hyderabad company to relocate your home but there are many things that requires your involvement and also your time and enormous efforts from your side. This requires your involvement to supervise a safe and smooth relocation process. Even if you have hired professional movers then you need to pack your personal stuff by yourself and also prepare an 'open first box' for surviving the first night or few days in your new home. It is impossible to unpack all your stuff in your new home just after you arrive at your new home but you would definitely require things for the first night and few days in your house.



    Here are some essentials that must be in your open first box:


    Toilet or Bathroom Essential

    The bathroom essentials like your soap, shampoo, towel, sanitizers, tooth paste, tooth brush, comb, dryer, etc. This will help you and your kids to get fresh at your new house just after your arrival.


    Basic Beddings

    Of course you will require beddings for surviving the first night and few days, so make sure the box contains beddings. This should contains blankets, sheets and pillow.



    Pack your and your kids clothes in the box. You can also pack some formal clothes that you can use to wear for your office and surviving few days.


    Kitchen Items

    For surviving days you will require food, you can order it from near restaurants but that are not hygienic so you should pack some kitchen items like plates, bowls, ready to eat meals, snacks, etc.


    For Pets

    If you have pets like cat or dogs then you must take care of packing their meals and bowls so that you can feed them on time. Try to also keep some pet toy.


    Make sure you have packed these things in the open first box so that you can not only survive the first night in fact few days in your new house. And for a safe and hassle-free move you must hire packers and movers in Hydreabad company as they are professional and experts of moving and shifting. You can move without any stress with them and can enjoy safe and smooth relocation experience under the supervision of professional movers and packers in Hyderabad.


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