Champions League - Levin Spread Robben World Wave Muller break

  • The second half of the two sides easy side battles, the first 49 minutes, Coase Chelsea muscle strain can not be insisted by Gabriel replaced. The first 53 minutes, Robben right-sided ball assault respectively, Ram set edge pass, Levin door pressure Mastafi header, 2-1, Bayern once again lead, Levin Champions League season 6 The ball is recorded. In Allianz Arena, Levin nearly 13 games in the Champions League scored 15 goals.
    56 minutes, Tiago instigated the ball to the ball to Alonso, the latter pass Lai Wan, Lai Wan stop the ball heel pass, Tiago hugs within the restricted area after the ball shot low, 3-1, Bayern 3 Scored 2 goals in minutes Cheap MyNBA2K17 RP. Tiago this season Champions League first ball, season fourth ball.
    The first 60 minutes, Zaka flying shovel Alonso also eat a yellow card. 62 minutes, Ospina attack, Levin restricted area on the left side of the bottom line near the hanging beam hit the beam, Robben far point to keep up with the ball hit the hands of Gibbs out of the bottom line, but Bayern's penalty appeal is still unsuccessful The Robben goalkeeper before the door, Martinez head pierced by Ospina saved. The first 63 minutes, Bayern corner making opponents confinement chaos, Tiago restricted area arc intercepted opponents to solve the ball kick volley shot, the ball hit the Zaka body refraction network, 4-1, Bayern unstoppable, Tiago alone in two yuan The
    The first 81 minutes, Robben restricted area on the right side of the small angle shot was Ossina saved. 82 minutes, Costa Rica on the right after the small angle of the arc hit the ball opened by Ospina flying. 83 minutes, Ram tactical foul pull down Chamberlain, Bayern team to eat a yellow card, will miss the second round with Arsenal contest. The first 86 minutes, Bayern counterattack, Robben left the road quickly forward to the front right after the right, Kimimi restricted area edge shot missed. Immediately, Muller debut replaced Levin. 88 minutes, Tiago free of charge inside the restricted area, Muller restricted area within 2 free defensive players after the low shot score, 5-1, Bayern to seal the victory. Eventually, Bayern home 5-1 victory, one foot has entered the Champions League 8 strong.