Champions League - Sevilla Two in the box Waldie break Leiceste

  • The second half easy side battles, both sides have not made personnel adjustments. 47 minutes, Moussa big restricted area on the right side of the strong volley, the ball sliding out of the door. The first 49 minutes, Rico big feet out of the ball, than the front of the ball after the ball inside the ball after a small angle to hit the door, the ball hit the left column after the bypass of Schumacher from the right side of the post out of the bottom line The 1 minute later, Endui front right-sided volley shot was confiscated by Rico. Subsequently, Nasri left a long shot left anti-aircraft guns. 52 minutes, Mariano right crossed the restricted area, Escudero followed the heavy artillery was blocked by the defensive player.
    The first 59 minutes, Waldie front rush to grab the hand after the cross-cut the left side of the restricted area, Derrick Water to meet the ball was Rami siege. The first 62 minutes, Sevilla to expand the score lead, Jovitic then after the long pass after the turn of the ball, Corregia small restricted area on the left side of the right foot shot into the net, 2-0! The first 75 minutes, Leicester City regain a ball, Derrin Walker then Gray left the sideline ball after the low ball oblique pass small restricted area front, Valdie instantly reached Qiangdian Tuishe break score, 1-2! The first 75 minutes, Valdi restricted area on the left side of the right foot volley was Rico get. After 1 minute, Escudero put down the horse Jerez was warned.
    The first 78 minutes, Delinger Water near the circle near the long ridge was pulled out of the line. The first 80 minutes, than Tuo Luo left biography, about Wei Diqi ball in the restricted area was tipped, when the referee did not care. The first 83 minutes, Lamy low ball cross the right hand, Mariano ball after the straight plug, Sarawi kick arc ball hanging into the restricted area, than Tuo Luo after the point with the shakes off the door Was sealed by Schmeichel. The first 86 minutes, about Wei Diqi external sudden cold arrows were blocked. 88 minutes, Sevilla left corner kick out, pull the ball header hit the crossbar. The end of the game, away from the city of Leicester eventually 1-2 loss to Sevilla.

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