We are thrilled to work with Huawei

  • This platform converges ICT programming capabilities from the northbound on the controller Huawei carrier network by designing and encapsulating bottom-layer interfaces and basic programming capabilities and also introduces a transport service engine. It is definitely the convergence within a graphical and modular manner. The TIP will reduce barriers to programming innovation, making sure that operators or any other companies can implement new services and agilely design, develop, deploy, and gaze after customized transport services. In addition, for an open innovation platform, the TIP allows the import of third-party components and service templates, encouraging joint innovation and joint resolve for transport network ecosystem development.

    Control layer: The Huawei T-SDN solution adopts an ONOS-based T-SDN super controller. It provides standard and open T-APIs to regulate SDN domain controllers from different vendors, achieving coordination between different vendor transport networks. Moreover, unified modeling in the network layer implements end-to-end (E2E) route computation across multi-vendor devices, accelerating E2E service provisioning and shortening enough time to market (TTM).

    Mr. Olo Bahamonde, Minister of Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications, said, “The progression of a robust telecommunications infrastructure is critical to the way ahead for Equatorial Guinea. We are thrilled to work with Huawei Marine to implement the Ceiba-2 Submarine Cable System that may substantially raise the economic and commercial development from the country.”

    Mr. Mike Constable, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Marine Networks, commented at thunder-link.com, “It is our privilege to compliment the government of Equatorial Guinea by enhancing their international connectivity however the latest high-speed submarine cable infrastructure. Huawei Marine’s leading-edge solutions remain the preferred number of governments

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  • Gilbert Perea
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    August 24, 2018