The part where they explained the OSRS gold

  • The part where they explained the OSRS gold more you die, the more you need to pay. At Zulrah. 300k? I must pay 300k to get shit you plan for RuneScape gamers to perish at several times? Okay, fine. Add the death mechanics, just don't make any supervisors that can 1 hit you if your game stinks for just a small bit and make Zulrah not so fucked with these rotations that RuneScape players have to memorise and learn.

    Frankly, I'm fine with RagScape but they added because the death mechanics were altered, when Jagex wants to go this course they must rebalance all the other content. Nightmare is well done but the earlier content? Not too much.

    I'm not maximum. RuneScape game won't die either. I for the rework RuneScape sport is to bubble and RuneScape players are now so frightened. I would agree there has to be some softening when it comes with its 1 strike mechanic to high risk areas like vork, but shouldn't be a permenant thing possibly the 50 kills. Like you should since its only oh I expired oh well, most deaths are from complacency you are not focusing..

    If I die to rune dragons its own because I walked away from can you buy runescape gold my computer... RuneScape game is actuallyn't that punishing in the majority of cases you're just care less in the vast majority of those.