The elevator pitch for OSRS Gold Astellia

  • The elevator pitch for OSRS Gold Astellia is easy: This is a traditionally made Korean MMORPG which has a heavy focus on style and flashy designs while using a character collection mechanic, like some ways to Pokemon or even gacha mobile games, for spirits aptly called Astels which help you in combat. It's somewhat like having a pet, except they are typically far less advanced and not limited by class at all. I will discuss that system more later.

    For context, a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to play Astellia a bit during its closed beta phase. The game is due out in September in North America and will be a buy-to-play MMO, like Guild Wars or Elder Scrolls Online. It uses a very conventional tab-based targeting capability spinning combat system instead of the action-based battle of additional recent games like Black Desert Online or Tera. You target an enemy, press a hotkey to activate an authority, and let your auto assault do the dirty work while you wait for abilities to recharge. That's about it.

    If you have ever played with a Korean MMO before then you'll know a little what to expect: typically lots of the aforementioned stale battle, lots of grinding, forgettable storylines, and ordinarily gender-locked courses with hyper-sexualized feminine character designs. From what I can tell so much, that holds true as well.Even though the delivery and writing of this narrative seemed pretty hamfisted at its best, at least it really does have a story with legitimate cutscenes and voice acting. You do not often see an MMO that puts much effort into its story besides menu, and so that was a bit refreshing even if underwhelming.

    The Astel collection process is actually the only other bit that helps it runescape 2007 gold stand out at all and it's another facet that is mostly underwhelming. For starters, it made me uncomfortable. I'm used to seeing garish characters and highly suggestive armor, but the size and clear young age of the Astels was going a bit too much for my tastes. It felt like I had been intended to collect a harem of young women (and animals) to struggle me and they barely added much advantage during battle in any way.



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