Gingivitis: Causes and Treatment to completely eliminate the di

  • Gingivitis treatment becomes important when it comes to proper hygiene of the teeth. Health and hygiene is an important aspect of our life. If we do not want bacteria to invade our body, hygiene becomes significant. One such part of our body is our mouth, everything that we eat affects our teeth. Constant exposure to a variety of food that we eat today, leads to tooth decay. When it comes to teeth and its health, it all depends upon what you eat. This results in a variety of gum problems, Gingivitis being the one. Brushing and flossing alone can't treat Gingivitis. You must visit dentists for a regular checkup if you face such gum diseases. These checkups are essential in order to maintain proper teeth hygiene.

    The study says gingivitis occurs in 4 out of 5 Americans during their lifespan but with proper treatment, it can be resolved. Let’s look into the causes of gingivitis and treatments that can be done.

    What is Gingivitis?

    Gingivitis is basically a type of gum disease which occurs when a naturally occurring sticky film (plaque) gets deposited for long onto our teeth. This produces toxins that irritate the gum and causes swelling, which may lead to weakened tooth enamel. Initially, gingivitis is painless but it may lead to inflammation of the gums if the treatment is not provided on time and may lead to a more serious form of gum disease

    Causes of Gingivitis:

    Gingivitis is caused mainly due to plaque, but there are other Gingivitis Causes too that you need to pay attention to. If you are facing any of these, you must see a dentist soon.

    1. Tobacco: use of tobacco is an important factor that leads to tooth decay and several other problems. Research suggests that people who often use tobacco or smoke are likely to suffer from gingivitis.
    2. Junk food: Junk foods are very high in sugar which is the principal cause of gum diseases like gingivitis.
    3. Stress: is another cause that leads to many diseases by slowly depleting our immunity to fight against diseases including gingivitis.
    4. Poor hygiene: such as not brushing at least two times a day or flossing regularly may lead to gingivitis.
    5. Age: With increasing age, the risk of gingivitis becomes more severe.

    Gingivitis Treatment:

    In order to reduce the risk of Gingivitis and other such gum diseases, one must look into the food they consume. Proper nutrients are required to reduce the risk of gum diseases and other chronic diseases. For a proper treatment of Gingivitis, one must take care of the following:

    1. First and the foremost thing to do is go see a dentist and take a proper Gingivitis Treatment.
    2. Several treatment options are available such as professional treatment, follow-up home care, and in more severe cases, surgical procedure for restoration of supportive tissues.
    3. Regular brushing your teeth properly may eliminate the excess plaque and hence prevents gingivitis.
    4. Regular gargle with warm water in order to avoid excess deposit of plaque.
    5. Remember to change your toothbrush every three months.
    6. Check your teeth every now and then for changes in colour or texture.
    7. Remember to use a dentist-recommended toothpaste and mouthwash.
    8. Use of antibiotics such as doxycycline and antiseptic mouthwash can help in the treatment process.

    There are several techniques that can be used for cleaning teeth thoroughly without surgery, eliminating plaque and tartar to prevent gum irritation. The basic treatment is good regular dental hygiene.

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