Also featuring in the clip was cover star and Real Madrid

  • Video: Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo reveals what rating he wants in FIFA 18
    On Tuesday, EA Sports revealed a set of player ratings for the upcoming edition of the FIFA 18 game for the players ranked from 81 to 100. Additionally , a few ratings were revealed in the official video as well, cheap fifa 18 coins which featured some of the top stars in the world of football.
    Also featuring in the clip was cover star and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, whose rating still remains behind closed doors. In the video, he was asked what ranking he is expecting in FIFA 18 to which the Portuguese superstar cheekily responded, "I'd prefer 100. " You can skip to 1: 59 in the video to check out his response!
    Speculation is rife about what rating the former Manchester United and Sporting Lisbon man will get and whether he will be the highest-rated player in the game or not, ahead of rival and FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi.
    The promotional video also features a host of other star players such as Dele Alli, Giorgio Chiellini, Paolo Dybala and Bayern Munich stars such as Thomas Muller, Arturo Vidal, Mats Hummels, Manuel Neuer and Arjen Robben.
    Ronaldo bagged a rating of 94 in the previous version of the game i. e. cheap fut 18 coins, with some phenomenal stats - 92 pace, 92 shooting, seventy eight passing, 91 dribbling and 80 physical.
    The game is scheduled to be launched later this month on September 29 and in the next few days, more rankings are likely to be revealed with the top 80 gamers still left. One can expect the internet to go into meltdown as and when Ronaldo's and Messi's ratings will be exposed for sure!