The league will encounter patriots

  • Pittsburgh Steelers lineline Ryan Shazier (Ryan Shazier) in the interview with the public expression of such views.
    According to ESPN reporters, Ryan said: "If you look at the Patriot problem as a steel man to face the problem, then you can say that the Union should encounter Patriot problems.
    Looking back in January, Steelers lost to the Patriots in the AP Championship, the new season seems to lose to the Patriots is not in the Shazler plan, he said: "They are a great team, they have great leaders And they found the way to win, they can do what they want in the field, but I feel we are ready to stop them this year.I feel we can win them at any time, we have the opportunity to impact the Super Bowl, We may have been in the past, but now we are ready.
    Shazl's positive attitude is clearly commendable, all steel people should forget the loss of last season to face the new season.As for the Patriots, it is believed that this is the continent to continue to experience, unless one day Tom - Brady (Tom Brady) or Bill - Bellech (Bill Belichick) in one or left the Patriots, or patriotic Who will always be the headache of other league teams.