tough! Manchester United wants Mora tower

  • Mora Tata and Manchester United continued to spread the scandal, but according to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid's attitude is tough, said if you want to sign Mora tower, you must pay 90 million euros in astronomical transfer fee.
    In the current situation of weak forces, Manchester United in the summer window to determine the replacement of Ibrahimovic. The Red Devils will target the Real Madrid bench unsuccessful Mora Tata, but Real Madrid said they did not sell Mora's urgent desire: "If you want to sign Mora tower, then come up with transfer fee." Real Madrid Always killed 90 million euros of astronomical, refused to give up.
    Real Madrid is no hurry to sell Mora tower for two reasons. First, Mora tower to enhance the strength of Real Madrid bench, and second, Real Madrid is not necessary to sell Mora tower cash. Although it may be necessary to purchase such a high price of Mbabei transactions, Real Madrid still have enough cash for transfer operations, can be described as financially strong.
    At present, Mourinho eager to sign the Mora tower to strengthen the Red Devils striker, and Manchester United also has the financial strength to buy Moratta, in this case, Real Madrid occupied the initiative to negotiate, before the end of the summer window, enough Of the time and Manchester United to negotiate, and Manchester United did not have so much patience to wait. Therefore, Real Madrid has enough confidence in the price of 90 million euros.
    In addition, according to "Marca" revealed that the negotiations appeared in some special circumstances. In recent years, the relationship between the two clubs due to the transfer of some players affected, especially in Deheya side, actually because of fax machine problems. Therefore, Real Madrid said that the hope that the cooperation between the two sides on the basis of mutual trust.