Video Playback + Plus 4th Substitute

  • For video playback technology, the Confederations Cup each stadium will add equipment to continue testing this technology. In France vs Spain, France vs England friendly, video playback technology has played a role; 2017-18 season Serie A will be the full implementation of video playback technology. Although FIFA did not fully implement the implementation of this technology, but the signal is quite clear, but has not yet found a full implementation of the opportunity.
    Basten also wants to introduce the "ice hockey rule" in football matches, that is, the player's first serious foul will be yellow card into orange card, the player penalty for 10 minutes, which is more effective than a yellow card warning. In addition, Basten also wanted to deprive the team in addition to the captain outside the questioning of the right of the referee, intended to eliminate the referee law enforcement environment, to reduce its key penalties in the need to bear the pressure. "There are a lot of players who are always complaining about the fact that I believe the player can be more correct," says Basten, "and we can not take this sport too well in the game, but we also need to control our emotions. "
    However, any change in the rules is required by the FIFA Council, which is a long process to achieve true innovation. Moreover, FIFA tends to test the new regulations at least two years and then fully implemented. In any case, the sport's revolution has begun from Russia ...