Every player is dreaming of things

  • After Crosby, anxious to lift the Stanley Cup to the audience is Cullen, this is the veteran career last game. With a Stanley Cup as a farewell gift to their own, it is every player is dreaming of things.
    Ganser is very sorry to not be able to enter a goal, put his name into the first column of history (history, most of the playoffs of the rookie). But the handsome chic, cheerful young man but did not mind, he took the phone everywhere and people photo. Even very funny and the author took a self-timer.
    Into the winning golden ball of Hornquist tightly holding his little daughter, his wife to accompany in the side, waiting to shoot a Stanley Cup placed in the middle of the warm family portrait. At the same time, Hornquist's little daughter curiously stroked the Stanley Cup, really confirms a spread on the network: the road through Rome, as born in Rome. How many players sweat and blood to make every effort to touch this symbol of the ice hockey industry honor trophy and not, leaving a lifetime of regret. Little girl is really envy others.
    Murray did not know when to appear in the author behind, the juvenile aging, as only into the league the second year of the young talent performance was sound like a veteran veteran, at the moment and his handsome beautiful girlfriend kiss. This is not to avoid the other side of the golden couple of eyes, to a long kiss. Able to have both champions and beauty, really is really real life winner.
    At this time is already nearly two hours after the end of the game, Nashville home audience has long been dispersed, the scene is still a large number of penguin fans gathered in the player channel mouth https://www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins . They are still greedy to enjoy the great joy and happiness to win, I believe this evening is only the celebration kicked off. A few days later, Pittsburgh's championship parade will be the culmination of this grand party.

    In any case, everyone present today is the witness of history. NHL Centennial Daqing Stanley Cup final, the winner for the construction of 50 years Daqing penguin team, as a past period of time is really appropriate. And this season as the Tencent NHL comprehensive broadcast of the first season, next season NHL will first come to China for the fans to bring wonderful NHL China game, the new chapter has opened, let us wait and see.