the Summer World Cup in Russia

  • The capital face of the poor face of Paraguay, the French drillmaster Deschamp Gulu as a individual arrow, Arsenal centermost aswell did not disappoint, he kicked the top three goals in the game , if you can accumulate this state, Giroux Basically bound the aperture of the Summer World Cup in Russia.

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    In the 69th minute of the game, Gleeszman in the midfield band abreast the aback of the pass, Le Male was the brawl with a few accomplish to forward Zhise, Dini afore the larboard ancillary of the foreground pass, outflanking to the foreground of the baby belted breadth Giru abutting to the shovel. Since the aboriginal time in November 2011 was recruited into the French team, this is the aboriginal time Gulu in the Gaul Legion hat-trick.