Red Army new aid honor parade Messi Aguero Bogba

  • With England won the U20 World Cup championship, Chelsea striker Solank also won the gold medal of the tournament with great success, but this is not a good news for the fans of the Stamford Bridge , The kindergarten has previously confirmed that it will switch to Liverpool on July 1.
    The current U20 World Cup, it is by virtue of the brackets scored twice, England in the semi-finals to win the strongest opponent Italy, which entered the final and eventually won the first prize.In the honor list, Suolanke has won two Youth FA Cup champion, a youth Champions League championship and with the three lions to get a U17 European Youth Championship.
    Perhaps these honors can not explain the prospects for the development of Solankec, then it may wish to inventory the previous U20 World Cup Golden Globe winner: 2001 Saviola; 2005 Messi; 2007 Aguero; and 2013 The year of Bogba, although the youth of the Golden Globe is also no shortage of people, but the four people is also enough to explain the importance of this honor - is gold sooner or later will shine. Liverpool will undoubtedly make a good deal because they are in the contract after the end of the contract with the Chelsea will introduce players, but only to the Blue Army to pay 3 million pounds of "training fee."