Best Shows And Movies On Roku With Roku Search Feature

  • From latest TV shows to the movies and to the classical music, it has become easy to find the perfect stuff on Roku. With the Roku search, you can find almost 50000+ stuff from a huge selection of more than 500 paid and free channels. If you have also connected the antenna to the Roku TV, then you can enjoy an over-the-air program on TV. Just go to Roku com link for further information and support.

    You can search on your Roku channel through Roku remote. Just enter the name of actor, director or title using the remote keys and click Enter. You can search your favorite over the air channels through Roku mobile app also. There are no subscription fees for this app. You can grab it for free on your mobile. For more information log onto www Roku com support link.

    When you start searching for the favorite contents, then you need to only enter the main phrase or keywords of your serial on the screen using the virtual keyboard. You can also search for your favorite programs through voice commands. The search results will be displayed according to the present location. There are some channels which require special permissions from you due to adult contents.

    Search through on-screen keyboard : Press the home button of your Roku remote and go to search option. Enter the first 2-3 letters of your favorite movie, show or director. Roku search will display the results on the screen. Click on the entry to get more details related to the program.

    1. If the channel you are searching for is not added to the Roku device, then you need to add the channel first using the Roku link code.
    2. If you wish to watch ‘over-the-air’ channel, then Roku device will automatically set a reminder for future shows and keeps on reminding you of the same whenever the Roku device connects to the antenna input.

    Searching using a mobile device : If you want to search the channel through mobile, then install the Roku app on your mobile first then launch it and follow the instructions mentioned below :

    1. Go to ‘Channels’ given on the bottom of the screen.
    2. Click on ‘Magnifying glass’ icon to search via voice command or via keyboard.
    3. Right after this, the keyboard will get displayed on the screen. Enter the first 3 letters of your search and click on ‘Search’ option.  The search results will then get displayed on the screen. Click on a particular entry to get details about it.


    Tip : To get the latest news, enter the date and year. Dozens of news channels along with headlines will be displayed on the screen. For more information, go to Roku update option from the settings menu.

    Note : If the channel which you are going to watch is not available on the device, then install the channel first then start loading the contents. Apart from this as discussed in the previous section that if you want to watch over-the-air program, then you need to change the input mode of your Roku to antenna mode. As soon as the program starts, you will get a reminder on the device.

    Search using voice command :

    To use the voice command search option, there isn’t any need to enter the Roku com link code in the app. Just speak some words of your movies or TV shows. If you want to watch the episodes of Harry Potter, then speak ‘Harry Potter’ only and you will get the complete list of episode which has been broadcasted so far. You can use the voice command feature through mobile Roku app.

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