How To Solve Streaming Problem “Right Now Media” On Roku Device

  • Roku users facing streaming issues is a common thing. Roku being a streaming device can malfunction at times, but there is no need to hit the panic button because if there is a problem, then there is a solution as well. Roku as of late has not been able to stream content from ‘right now media’. Let’s find out what this problem is and how to get rid of it.

    The minimum speed required for watching high definition contents through Roku streaming player is 3Mbps. If you are connecting your Roku to the network wirelessly, then you must need to consider the obstacles and the distance between the router and your device. If there are too many hurdles, then it will definitely affect the signal strength of your wireless signal. Apart from this if the two devices are placed far away from each other, then you will not able to cast the contents properly.

    Moreover, you will not find any solution on www Roku com link for it. The best way to fix this problem is; check the connection speed of your wireless network. You can check it easily by getting into ‘network settings’ from home menu. If the network speed is ok, then you will receive full information about the connection on the screen but if there is a problem with the network speed, then the connection may lose in the midway.

    In such case, you need to configure your Roku again with your Router. For configuration help and support, you can follow www Roku com support link. The team at the support center will guide you properly and provide step by step details for setting up the Router configuration on Roku device.

    Now, we are going to explain the steps for checking the internet speed of your Wi-Fi network installed at home.

    1. Hold the remote in your hand and push the keys in the following order. Home, home x3, rewindX3 followed by Fast forwardx2.
    2. Click on ‘debugging’ option from the playback menu.
    3. Exit from the home settings and select the video, which you want to play. Here you will be prompted to connect Roku to Wi-Fi.
    4. When you play a video, you will get the bit rate of your network streaming at the top right corner of the screen.
    5. If you find that bit rate is lesser than the prescribed value, then you will have to change the location of your router.
    6. Place a router close to your Roku device for better reception of the signal.
    7. If yet, your Roku not working properly then you can call your internet service provider for help and diagnosis.

    Inspect who else is using the same network:

    If your network is used by more than one device at a time, then you will require a high bandwidth network because the signal strength in such cases gets divided into a number of devices connected at the same time. You must have noticed that in churches if you try to stream a video at weekends then it would be difficult to stream due to the buffering problem. This is due to the network traffic on weekends. The Same case is here. If you try to do Roku update to troubleshoot this problem, then you will unable to do so because of a network problem. The best option to solve the problem of overloading is; just divert the traffic from ‘public’ to ‘private’ network for a time.

    The intervention of certain devices with the network:

    Too many interventions of devices like mobile phone, microwave oven, and television waves also affect the network strength. This, in turn, results in a streaming problem.

    Roku Support :

    If you are still not satisfied with the Roku performance due to any reason, then you can take help from Roku support team. They will guide you in a best and suitable manner.