Tips to Choose the Right Hair Straightener

  • Hair straighteners have become an important tool to style our hair. Whether you have wavy hair, curly hair or straight hair - a hair straightener can completely transform the way you look. Have a look at the different hair straighteners available for sale that can help in styling your hair. The key to getting smooth and straight hair, without causing unnecessary damage, lies in choosing the right straightener. (Information credit:


    So, how do you select the right hair straightener?


    Look at the Features

    Hair straighteners are available with a number of features. Straighteners that include comb teeth are the perfect choice for curly hair. Here are a few of the other features you should consider when choosing a hair straightener:


    Temperature control: Some hair straighteners are designed with five options for temperature control that allow you to set the temperature anywhere between 100 degrees to 200 degrees. Different hair types require different temperatures. Before using the highest temperature, read the manual or ask a professional what temperature would be fine to use on your hair.


    Time of heating up: When purchasing a flat iron or straightener, you need to consider how much time it takes to reach maximum temperature. Usually, it takes 20 seconds for heating up.


    Plates: The type of plate is another important feature to consider. Ultra-smooth, mineral-infused ceramic surfaces of iron plates enable the users to get an excellent hairstyle at a lower temperature. The width of the plate should also be considered. Remember, the wider the plate is, the faster you can straighten hair. However, the different width’s would also allow for different hairstyles.


    Consider the Shape: Flat straighteners are the most commonly used. However, flat-shaped straighteners lack versatility. Instead of flat edge, if you opt for a straightener with slightly rounded plates and outer edges, you can easily transform it into a curling iron.


    Get the Right Size: Hair straighteners come in various widths and sizes. If you have short hair, the small, thin flat iron is the perfect option for you. On the other hand, large, wide hair straighteners are ideal for people with long and thick hair, as this type of straightener can cover a larger surface area.


    Think about Hair Texture: Before investing in a straightener, you should know that not every type of straightener will be suitable for you. Therefore, understand your hair texture. If you have fine or thin hair, it is recommended that you opt for ceramic flat irons. Ceramic material is also ideal if you want to reduce frizz. They hold heat very well and allow for proper heat distribution. Titanium flat irons are perfect to straighten thick and coarse hair. They can heat up faster than the ceramic iron and hold a high heat.


    Finally, it is important to remember that high heat offers faster straightening, but all hair types do not need the highest possible temperature. Therefore, the model of straightener of your choice should have adjustable heat settings. It is worth spending some time to choose the right option, as hair straighteners can last for years and provide you with fruitful results.

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