Real Madrid win ludo goree smooth promotion

  • Real Madrid win ludo goree smooth promotion

    2017/15 uefa champions league matchday 6 a focus battle group B in the bernabeu, Madrid 4-0 victory at home ludo goree, cristiano ronaldo and bell, aw roya and kris medlen icing on the fifa 17 ps3 coins. Real Madrid group wins top promotion. Real Madrid won after five wins from their group to qualify, ludo goree, must remain unbeaten can be expected only for the Europa league qualification. Hernandez and Israel get start, defence and the goalkeeper also full rotation.

    After just 2 minutes, cross the ball, long shots were stoyanov C Ronaldo saved, Mr Corner, bell's header from a little higher. 9 minutes, bell from 30 yards free-kick was blocked by wall slightly above the bar. Then C Ronaldo after corner header was off again.

    Real Madrid 20 minutes ahead, navarre in header from the edge of the area was the start in hand off before the goal line, bell scored from close range was, was sent off the start, C Ronaldo penalty kick hit. He 72 champions league goals more than raul. This is his 28 goals this season, including the champions league scoring five fifa 17 ps4 coins goals.

    Real Madrid to expand the 38th minute, cross corner, small bell, the edge of the area along the under the header hit the crossbar line door, 2-0. Then espy mourinho left the area before blast was nawaz reveal beams. The 79th minute, C - ronaldo's header was blocked, aw roya left into the small box near Angle, 3-0. The 88th minute, Hector plug passing, kris medlen area outside the couple boot from deflection after hanging over the net, 4-0. Real Madrid group eventually wins to top qualification.BY here now... come here for more fifa fun!