keep your eyes away for the new upset-kings!

  • Cloud9 on the other hand knocked OpTic out, unsurprisingly (this was probably one of the only tournament fits that actually had the expected outcome follow through). This didn’t stop Cloud9 from bombing out of this series in their next close best of 3 against Gambit. It seemed like Cloud9 had a disadvantage playing practically any team on cobblestone the whole tournament, despite generally being a map which Cloud9 has carried out well on in recent past tournaments. Despite a disappointing finish in Time 2 of the event, n0thing still provides a solid goodbye to the crowd after their interview

    So what triggered all of these teams to have to go home sooner than expected? Part of it was momentum behind underdog teams. Teams such as Gambit and Kinguin have both already been regularly in attendance at lower-end events, not having to play towards higher-tier teams. It becomes a lot easier in order to win when you’ve been doing it over and over, and I suppose teams like Cloud9 as well as OpTic just expected relatively easy wins. On the topic of our brand new DH Winter champs, it wasn’t expected at all that Gambit would take this competition, or that they would meet Renegades in the final. Buy CSGO SkinsEspecially after adding Natus Vincere’s previous in-game innovator Danylo ”Zeus” Teslenko to their active roster. Generally speaking, after this type of recent roster change we would expect the team to have a somewhat worse performance (much like Cloud9 was plagued with this entire year). There’s a possibility that the players had been acquainted with playing with each other or that Zeus simply just fits in to the team.

    While this was not an amazing tournament with regard to Zeus individually, it was a great tournament with regard to his team. Regardless, we can expect more from Gambit later on, keep your eyes away for the new upset-kings! Dota 2's Following Hero, The Monkey King (And The reason why He's So Significant). SINCE JUST ABOUT EVERY SOME OTHER MOBA HAS THEIR OWN ITERATION OF “THE MONKEY KING” (OR SUN WUKONG) IT’S ABOUT TIME DOTA two CAUGHT UP WITH THEIR PERSONAL VERSION OF THE FAMED CHINESE LEGEND.

    Just to give a good idea on how many other games possess a Monkey King just about all of the following games have a Monkey King esque character: Group of Legends, Characters of Newerth, SMITE, Rise of Immortals, Bloodline Champions and more. What’s most interesting about Dota 2’s version is that it appears like his abilities will probably follow very closely to the same Sunlight Wukong from the tales, rather than a separate or even alternative iteration of our own favorite Monkey King as shown in the cinematic. We can additionally speculate (and only speculate, since absolutely no gameplay has been demonstrated and none of his abilities tend to be confirmed) that he’ll likely have abilities similar or the identical to the ones showcased in the cinematic. Oddly enough, csgoskinsall the abilitiespractically mirror one’s shown on the wikipedia page for the original mythical Sun Wukong or at least the one’s we’ve seen in the cinematic