We could brotherhood and that is how we are able to keep going

  • In the damning indictment, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Cai “fancy1” Yu, weaves an account of, “…unfair treatment, in addition to suffered intimidation, threats, as well as launch joint tyloo pub ban. ” Last week it absolutely was announced that TyLoo could be suspending four players due to the fact while they were under written agreement had been seeking employment along with other organizations, “Since TYLOO CSGO team returned to The far east after the E-League Major Nommer, team coach Qifang Tu (Karsa) and player Yulun Cai (fancy1) have been calling with other organization, while continue to in the contract period, and in addition persuaded teammates to join one other oranisation. The behavior has not simply damaged the good relationship with all the company, but also stimulated interior conflicts in the team. ”

    Now, fancy1 has turn out and is explaining his aspect of the story. In his Weibo post, fancy1 states the bans are all a part of TyLoo trying to get the players to re-sign contracts with the organization. In a very long description of activities, fancy1 states, “So many of us started a talk with TyLoo about salary and other treatment options; to see whether there would be possiblity to increase for Buy CSGO Skins. But unexpectedly, the particular talk, which I think is completely normal, led to many differences and unhappiness by TyLoo management. Probably the TyLoo supervision started to feel the possibility that individuals will leave TyLoo should they won't increase our earnings for cheap csgo skins. They planned on alternative methods to make us stay, just like by buying someone or some kinds among us. Previously we were a complete entity, and that was exactly why we won a lot. Nonetheless after many wins, most of us became parted somehow. Today it finally ended together with banning three of us. Now i'm absolutely sure that this guy, who was simply offered money like myself, stood on our side before. Reasons why he betrayed us has been that JasonP had a chat with me and this guy. He or she promised us two the treatment than the other teammates if we keep the promise coming from others.

    JasonP knew once we (DD and I) keep, the whole team will stay. We could brotherhood and that is how we are able to keep going up. However I was sense disgusting about the trick and also promise by JasonP. I actually didn't want to hurt this brothers by accepting an increased salary. We have been a crew and brothers for a long time, inside of and outside the game. I can't endure keeping such a dirty top secret while getting more money. If the solution leaks, our team will be damage more seriously. By then I possibly could even lose five close friends. So I told others regarding the talk, meanwhile asked JasonP about offering us consistently. But JasonP refused my very own request. Since then, thing begun to develop badly. Since JasonP failed to deal with me, they turned to Somebody, while he / she failed again because having been on my side. What Attacker submitted to Weibo is what we are keeping, "We just want to play with cousons. "