This specific confirms and ends the book in reports from before

  • Venerando U. K. facility Jagex, best known regarding operating the long-running free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, has been acquired simply by Chinese investors who also intend to use it because the foundation for a fresh, yet unnamed China's game company.
    This specific confirms and ends the book in reports from before this year that Jagex was in talks to end up being acquired for 300 dollar million by Shandong Hongda, a Chinese mining firm which will produces, among other things, flat iron ore, copper powder snow and other ferrous steel products.
    Now, any studio representative shows Eurogamer that Jagex wasn't actually paid for by Shangdong, although new games-focused China's company that buyers plan to build close to Jagex will be area of the same group of organizations as the Chinese mining or prospecting firm.
    The Chinese holding company which in turn Jagex will now be part of is yet unidentified, as are the value and also terms of the deal Jagex made. However , recording studio chief Rod Cousens stated in a report that Jagex may continue normal functions with its existing supervision team and that "it will be business as usual for the Company, it is players and its staff post-acquisition. "
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