Elite moments for Flyers iconography: a style retrospective

  • No matter what divides us, we know that one thing binds us together above all else: our love of fashion. Who doesn’t love a good boot cut?

    I’m just joshing. Anyone who willingly wears a boot cut jean should be in jail.

    In all seriousness, our love of the often-imitated, I’ll wait here in this liminal space I’ve created for myself.,Authentic Dan Feeney Jersey, never-duplicated Philadelphia Flyers transcends lots of shit. In a lot of ways,Authentic Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey, the style of the franchise informs a lot of our own style! Don’t believe me? Take a look at your wardrobe. Go ahead

    Back already? Boy,Authentic Gerald Everett Jersey, you sure are the speedy one! Alright,Authentic Cooper Kupp Jersey, really.),womens John Johnson Jersey, now estimate what percentage of that wardrobe is orange. At least 30 percent, I’m guessing. And we all know that orange isn’t your color. (It’s not mine either. It's nobody’s

    I’ve decided to take a look back on some of the most iconic moments in the Flyers style history books,Authentic Samson Ebukam Jersey, both to revel in the beauty and to learn from folly. Take notes, whatever gets you by., take shots


    You know how hockey pants are called hockey pants? They’re not really pants. They’re hockey shorts. They must be called pants, though, which had to be destroyed in the fires of Mordor., for the equivalent of real hockey pants are Cooperalls

    Inarguably the most infamous of fashion choices stemming from the club, Cooperalls were a big fuckin’ disaster from start to finish. It was groundbreaking, maybe some ground should stay unbroken., for sure, but as we learned in the early 80s

    and in only that way,Cooperalls are extremely goofy looking. In that way,womens Dan Feeney Jersey, I kind of respect them. There’s something very charming about grown men looking like kids in snow pants. Unfortunately,womens Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey, Cooperalls are incredibly dangerous,womens Gerald Everett Jersey, causing players to slide far easier and faster when they fall down (which is a frequent occurrence in the very sophisticated sport of ice hockey). For this reason,Authentic Josh Reynolds Jersey, beautiful,womens Samson Ebukam Jersey, Cooperalls were banned and the Flyers were forced to retire this gorgeous, stupid mistake of a pant.

    Playoff Goatee

    Eric Lindros could do no wrong in Philadelphia, and that is evidenced most clearly in the most amazing facial hair this city’s ever seen.*Authentic John Johnson Jersey,

    Goatees are questionable on just about anyone. For reference, here’s Jamie Benn with a goatee (and a weakass chin strap). Who let him do that? Who allowed it to happen? We all share the blame for this, but he’s on a totally different level of no fucks given with that turtleneck. I don't even know if dude owns a mirror. Maybe he's never even heard of one. Surely he's seen his reflection at some point?,womens Josh Reynolds Jersey, I’m afraid. Plekanec is another

    Eric Lindros made that shit work, though. He was a goddamn hero. I can’t even pretend that I don’t think he was working that shit. He absolutely was. Eric Lindros tried his damnedest to break the goatee stigma, and you are very small comparatively., and while it worked for him, please don’t for a second think it will work for you. He is a beautiful phenomwomens Cooper Kupp Jersey,