Good first impression

  • the McMahon party was ushered to Bin 54's secluded Wine Cellar for privacy,The off-campus dinner with Trubisky went exactly as the Bears hoped. Upon arrival, another Trubisky touch the Bears appreciated.

    with steaks all around and a couple of bottles of red wine open,For more than two hours, the Bears probed to see if Trubisky's personality would mesh.

    Ohio,Joe Mixon Jersey, and his deep bond with his parents and three siblings. As the Bears GM made mental notes,Jordan Willis Jersey, that supportive,Pace wanted to gain a better sense for what made Trubisky tick. He listened to the young quarterback describe his upbringing in Mentor,Authentic Josh Malone Jersey, sturdy family dynamic resonated.

    It had been a buoy for Trubisky throughout 2014 and 2015 when he was anchored in a backup role behind entrenched starter Marquise Williams. Through two seasons during which he saw the field only for emergency work or mop-up duty, Trubisky vacillated between frustrated and discouraged and ultra-motivated.

    Through it all,Jake Elliott Jersey, his family kept him focused on his goals rather than his self-pity.

    look at myself in the mirror and continue to believe in my dream."," Trubisky says,"Really, "I would turn to myself

    Pace appreciated how Trubisky's natural confidence emanated. With NFL adversity inevitable, Pace also knew it was important that Trubisky had reliable outlets to steady him during the turbulence.

    " Pace says,"And the way he was raised, "he's not full of himself. He's more about his team and sharing the glory."

    Loggains and Ragone pushed for a sense of Trubisky's football acumen. Though with Fox in his endearing and lively social state,Over dinner, the coordinator and quarterbacks coach had to find openings in the conversation.

    'OK," Loggains says. "He's the life of the party. You'll be sitting there like, Foxy's starting to feel it.' A couple times it was,"Five-on-one with Foxy can be hard, 'Coach,Authentic Joe Mixon Jersey, stop talking. We need Mitchell to talk.'"

    Trubisky detailed his football study habits,Authentic Jordan Willis Jersey ,Authentic Carl Lawson Jersey, expressing an ambitious vision for the preparation workload he would be willing to take on as either a backup or a starter.

    innocent almost. It was refreshing.,Carl Lawson Jersey,Authentic Jake Elliott Jersey , each of the Bears representatives made note of the quarterback's vim. With no professional success or failure to cloud his vision,Around the table,Josh Malone Jersey , Trubisky didn't seem to have an ounce of bitterness or skepticism or fatigue to him. He seemed all-trusting

    Trubisky viewed his NFL career as a blank canvas with an infectious eagerness to get the paints out.

    Pace and Fox walked Trubisky to the parking lot. It was then that Trubisky first revealed his wheels: the now-renowned beige 1997 Toyota Camry with the odometer north of 130,When the dinner ended,000.

    Pace was charmed instantly,For whatever reason, convinced the ride offered insight into Trubisky's grounded nature.

    man,"Keep that thing," Pace told Trubisky. "Seriously. Don't ever change. Stay true to who you are."

    Loggains interjected.

    something new."," he quipped. "You're about to be an NFL quarterback. You can't drive that. Go get yourself an Escalade,"Bro, a Range Rover

    Trubisky drove off,With that, wondering if his Camry ultimately would wind up in Chicago.