FIFA 17 : Barcelona 0:3 Juventus and Stops Outside the Top Four

  • Spain local time at 19:45 on the 19th, for the UEFA Champions League 1/4 final second round, Barcelona 0 to 0 Juventus at home and turned to be draw, ending the consecutive15 Champions League at home, and was outside the top 4 with the total score of 0 to 3. Juventus did not loss ball in the 531 minutes in Champions League, and it is the second time stepping into the semi-finals for nearly three seasons. Messi almost scored the goals for 4 times. Hedila has got a yellow card and will miss the first leg of the semifinals. The first leg, Barcelona defeated in Turin by 0 to 3, in the history of the Champions League, 8 teams first leg 0 to 3 defeat has never been reversed. cheapest fut coin seller But Barcelona won at home for nearly 15 Champions Leagues, and has scored 50 goals, only lost 7 goals. For nearly eight Champions Leagues at home, there are 7 games that scored at least 3 goals, the last round reversed under the situation that in the first leg 0 to 4 defeated to Paris . Compared with the first leg, Alba and Busquets replaced Mathieu and Javier Mascherano.

    Juventus had 5 continuous victories at Champions League, and did not lose ball at continuous 441 minutes for the Champions League, and it is the only team in the current season that won all the matches in Champions League at visiting field and it remains undefeated in the Champions League in this season, for 9 Champions Leagues, it only lose 2 goals, and both were positioning balls. And in 4 matches, it scored 10 goals, only lost 1 goal. Allegri followed 11 players in the first leg.

    Well done! Great performance for Juventus! And what will the changes of the rating of the players in FIFA 17 now? Which player you are to invest in this week? Just tell me your idea or you can just check to buy more so as to better invest the players you like.