With this increase would be to Anthem Boosting

  • The intention with this increase would be to Anthem Boosting allow people survive better when in Revenge. We think that at 120 HP, it must lessen the efficiency of this"death ball behavior". We discovered that top players already had a top survivability when the Revenge Shield was at 70, so we believe that in 120 it should have only a slight impact on high-level play, while creating Revenge a far more helpful tool in all ability levels.

    Longer revives

    Another change to be executed was an increase in time required to revive a teammate. If a Hero is killed without being implemented, they may be restored by an ally to get a limited amount of time. This previously took three seconds to finish, with this patch increasing to four. The justification for this is as follows:Currently, we feel it may be too difficult to avoid an opponent from reviving an ally. With this increase, all characters must now have an easier time to do so.

    Various dodges

    Ubisoft has also made some major changes to Anthem Items dodge mechanisms. In For Honora favorite method of evading your opponent's strikes is dodging. Following a Hero dodges, they take some time to recuperate, which may result in an opponent knocking and penalizing them for it.