Then that could be Fortnite Items

  • If it works how I think it's going to, then that could be Fortnite Items pretty interesting really. I doubt we are going to be shooting around on a giant tire, so we'll have to wait and see what this thing eventually looks like once it makes its way to the match, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    Lag And Boredom Cut Fortnite's Disastrous First Summer Skirmish Short

    Epic has pledged $100 million toward constructing Fortnite esports this calendar year, and by the state of tonight's Summer Skirmish tournament, they are likely to require it.

    Additionally, it had a kind of neat, unique structure, where fans could follow with their favourite players' respective teams, using a commentated catch-all stream run by Epic.

    But in practice, it was a entire disaster. The championship was supposed to go buy fortnite traps until one group got two Victory Royales, but after just four matches, Epic was forced to block the event since lag was making the game unplayable for some of the world's finest players.