The championship was supposed to Fortnite items

  • Additionally, it had a sort of awesome, unique structure, in which fans could follow along on their favorite players' respective teams, using a commentated catch-all stream run by Epic.

    But in practice, it was a total disaster. The championship was supposed to Fortnite items move until one group got two Victory Royales, but after only four matches, Epic had been made to stop the event since lag was making the game unplayable for even some of the world's best players.

    The event was largely unbearable to watch, a combination of lag issues and absolute boredom with gamers concealing 95% of their time and combating the other five. We have seen great Fortnite events previously like E3's dwell celebrity/streamer Pro-Am, along with the weekly creator-thrown Friday Fortnite where pro players try to Cheap fortnite materials stand up kills to best their squad mates, literally hunting the general player population for game.

    Everybody played ultra-cautiously with a lot on the line, resulting in a lot of concealing in towers or ground mazes, with just a tiny bit of activity peppering most games. Lag only amplified this problem further, as stuttering induced missed shots and gamers to drop off buildings, making high-skill gameplay almost impossible, and causing players to avoid fights when possible. Epic hosted the game on NA servers, but invited players from throughout the planet, which appeared to be the core issue.