Are You Unable To Turn On Your Nook?

  • Are you a Nook user and unable to turn on your device, then we recommend you follow these simple troubleshooting steps to fix this issue or simply get in touch with professionals or experts. 


    Being a user of Nook, if you found that your Nook is not giving your response despite pressing the power button, means this issue holds many reasons behind. If you want to solve this error then here we have simple and precise steps for you. Once take a glimpse at these facile troubleshooting steps, you can also make a call on Nook Customer Service number, but before that, we recommend you once go with these steps. 



    Charge the Battery 


    If you give a proper charge to your Nook device, then there’s a possibility of seeing a good result. If you Nook’s battery is in the state of complete drain means you’re unable to start your Nook device. Simply you need to this, the just plugin you charge to the socket and connect it to your Nook tablet and leave it for a charge for around two hours and if the battery is in the state of the drain, then you need to charge your Nook for three hours. After completion charge, you need to power on your Nook device. If charging shows you no positive result, then you need to visit Nook Com Support, here you will get the satisfactory help. 


    Reset the Nook 


    If you Nook device holds an enough charge, and still you find that you are unable to turn on your device, then you have an option of reset. You need to reset your Nook device by making a hold on the power button for around twenty seconds. After that try to make a press on the power button and see now your device is powering on or not. The action of resetting often solves the technical glitches of your device. If still there’s no positive change in your issue, then you need to step forward to next step.   


    Reboot the Nook 


    Now you have last, but not least option is of rebooting. If you perform the procedure of reboot, then you can see the change in your issue for sure. You simply need to open the screw of your Nook device and now carefully take out the battery. Keep the battery outside for around 30 minutes and the change the battery and screw up your Nook device again. Now try to turn on your Nook device. This action mostly shows you a positive result but I still you see no positive change, then we suggest you get in touch with professionals. You can take satisfactory and precise Nook Support from the Nook experts. 




    As we know if these three steps show you no positive result, then you need to contact professionals. Maybe you can’t fix this trouble at home, so you need to visit customer care center or simply make a call to professionals. They will deal with this issue and will provide you satisfactory and accurate assistance. If your Nook device is under warranty, then you will get the proper fixation, or your Nook device will be replaced with new. For more updates and useful information, you can stay tuned to Nook’s official website. 

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