How Google Play Store Can Be Installed On Kindle Fire Without R

  • Kindle Fire tablets come loaded with features and you can install and use many apps on it. Today we have come with a small guide that will let you know how you can install Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire Tablets with rooting. Let’s check out.

    Deep down inside the Kindle Fire tabltst are actually Android tablets. But Amazon has put so many layers on it you can’t even use the main app store of Android, which is Google Play Store. The Amazon app store that comes bundled with Kindle Fire tablets, only has 6000000 apps, so it will great if you would be able to access the google Pay store, which has the library of 2.8 million apps. With access to so many app, kindle fire tablets now can find a new purpose by installing Google Play Store and it’s actually not that hard.

    Here’s the procedure of installing Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire Tablet without rooting:


    • Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
    • USB data cable

    Install ADB On Your Computer

    Firstly, you need to install a command line tool as ADB, but don’t worry as it is a simple process, even for novice users. Firstly, you will need to install Android SDK tool, which comes with ADK and Fast boot bundled. After downloading the SDK tools installer, then you will be ready to send ADB and Fast boot commands.

    Get Super Tool And Move The Files Into Place

    Next, you will need to download a utility called Super Tool by Root junky, which is what you will be using to actually install the Play store on your Kindle Fire. So, after downloading the tool, unzip the file to a folder you can access easily. Windows users will need to take an additional step after decompressing the folder. Copy all the contents inside the AmazonFire5thGenSuperTool folder that you just unzipped, then paste all the content into your ADB installation folder. You will find your ADB installation folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools. Keep this window as you will need it later.

    Prep Your Kindle Fire

    Now you will need to activate the developer options in the settings of your Kindle Fire. For doing this, click on settings icon followed by the device options link. Scroll down and find the Serial number. First, click on USB computer connection and then set it to camera (PTP). After that back out of this section and then switch on to enable ADB option.

    Connect Your Kindle Fire And Run The Super Tool

    Connect your Kindle to your computer. The screen should ideally stay on during the entire process. Open settings and head to display, the s et the display sleep option to at least 20 minutes.

    The nest part will depend up on your operating system. For Windows, you will need to double click on the batch file naming +Amazon Fire 5th gen. The Mac users will need to open both the decompressed _MACOSX" folder as well as an instance of Terminal. Type chmod 755 sh followed by a space, after that drag" file into Terminal and click on enter. After doing so, the Root junky will initialize and then look for your device using the ADB tool that we installed. After a few minutes a menu will appear asking you what would you like to do next. Type x and press enter to start the installation. A few more prompts will appear that will remind you that ADB is needed for this process to work. Confirm each prompt to run the installation of software. After this process finishes, press any key for continuing and disconnect your Kindle fire from your computer. Now restart your Kindle Fire tablet and you will see Google Play store installed in it. Open the app and the sign in with your Google account when prompted.

    Install Google Play Services To Get Apps

    The only task left is to install the Google Play services in your Kindle fire, which can be done through the Google Play store app.


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