Pandora on Amazon Echo

  • Amazon Echo is a wonderful smart speaker that helps in making your life easy and comfy. You can play the music of your choice with the help of Alexa, the digital assistant. Here we have come with a guide how you can set up Pandora on Echo or make it a default app and some more things. Let’s check out.

    With Amazon Echo you can listen to the music of your choice. You just need to add the music apps to it like Spotify, Pandora and many more. Today we have come up with a small guide that will you in setting up Pandora on amazon Echo and making it default service, its voice command on Amazon Echo and its troubleshooting on Amazon Echo. For this you can also take Amazon Echo Help.

    What is Pandora?

    Before going for the setup of Pandora on Amazon Echo, you must know what exactly is Pandora. Pandora is one of the leading internet radio service of the world, giving people the music they love anytime anywhere via connected devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. The mission of Pandora is very simple to enrich the lives of people by enabling them to enjoy music they know and discover the new music that they will love. The listeners can find over 400 genres of music and comedy on Pandora with hundreds of curated genre stations to appeal to their inner pop, punk, blues, country jazz, or dubstep fan.

    Setting up Pandora on Amazon Echo

    Here’s the steps by using which you can activate Pandora on your Amazon Echo Setup:

    • Firstly, launch the Alexa app.
    • Click on the menu button in the top left corner > Music & Books > Pandora.
    • From the registration page of Pandora, click on the option of link your account now.
    • After that select the option of Create a Pandora account if you don’t have any account or select I have a Pandora account if you have already registered with Pandora.
    • If you selected create a Pandora account, then fill out the registration form and click on create account now.
    • If you choose I have a Pandora account, then enter your Pandora email address and password and click Lookup account.
    • Once you have completed the setup process, your station list will appear on the Alexa app.

    Setting Pandora as default Alexa music service

    • Open the Alexa companion app and select Settings.
    • Select music and Media option.
    • Select the option of choose default Music service button.
    • Select Pandora as the default station service. By setting Pandora as your default Service, users can launch stations without saying on Pandora.
    • In case of any difficulty you can take Amazon Echo Support.

    Voice Commands on Amazon Echo

    • Request a Station: Alexa, play (artist) radio on Pandora. You will be prompted to create a station if you don’t have one already.
    • Create a Station: Alexa, create a (artist) station.
    • Use Thumbs: Alexa, thumb up this song or Alexa, thumb down this song.
    • Skip Songs: Alexa skip this song.
    • Control playback: Alexa, Pause/Stop Play music.
    • Control volume up or down: Alexa, volume up or Alexa, volume down.
    • Find out what is playing: Alexa, what is playing, Alexa, what song is this?
    • In case of any difficulty you can navigate to www Amazon Com Echosetup.

    Troubleshooting on Amazon Echo

    If you are having trouble with using Pandora on Amazon Echo app, please visit the center of Support for Amazon Echo for more assistance.